To our shareowners:


The financial results for 2009 reflect the cumulative effect of 15 years of customer experience improvements: increasing selection, speeding delivery, reducing cost structure so we can afford to offer customers ever-lower prices, and many others. This work has been done by a large number of smart, relentless, customer-devoted people across all areas of the company. We are proud of our low prices, our reliable delivery, and our in-stock position on even obscure and hard-to-find items. We also know that we can still be much better, and we’re dedicated to improving further.


Some notable highlights from 2009:


  • Net sales increased 28% year-over-year to $24.51 billion in 2009. This is 15 times higher than net sales 10 years ago when they were $1.64 billion in 1999.
  • 2009年的净销售额和去年相比增长28%,达到245.1亿美元,这是10年前的净销售额的15倍。1999年,净销售额为16.4亿美元。
  • Free cash flow increased 114% year-over-year to $2.92 billion in 2009.
  • 2009年,自由现金流和去年相比增长114%,达到29.2亿美元。
  • More customers are taking advantage of Amazon Prime, with worldwide memberships up significantly over last year. The number of different items available for immediate shipment grew more than 50% in 2009.
  • 有更多消费者正在使用Amazon Prime服务,全球会员数量和去年相比有显著增长。2009年,可立即发货的商品数量增长了50%。
  • We added 21 new product categories around the world in 2009, including Automotive in Japan, Baby in France, and Shoes and Apparel in China.
  • 2009年,我们新增了21种商品类别。在日本增加了汽车类别、在法国增加了育婴类别、在中国增加鞋类服装。
  • It was a busy year for our shoes business. In November we acquired Zappos, a leader in online apparel and footwear sales that strives to provide shoppers with the best possible service and selection. Zappos is a terrific addition to our Endless, Javari, Amazon, and Shopbop selection.
  • 对我们鞋类业务来说,今年是繁忙的一年。11月,我们收购了在线服装和鞋类领域的领导品牌Zappos,该公司致力于为客户提供最好的服务。Zappos对于我们的品牌Endless、Javari、Amazon和Shopbop有加分效果。
  • The apparel team continued to enhance customer experience with the launch of our Denim Shop offering 100 brands, including Joe’s Jeans, Lucky Brand, 7 For All Mankind, and Levi’s.
  • 服装团队透过提供百种品牌,包括Joe’s Jeans、Lucky Brand、7 For All Mankind和Levi’s,以丰富品项持续优化客户体验。
  • The shoes and apparel teams created over 121,000 product descriptions and uploaded over 2.2 million images to the website providing customers with a vivid shopping experience.
  • 鞋子和服装团队提供了超过12.1万个产品说明,上传超过220万张图片,为客户提供了高质量的客户体验。
  • Approximately 7 million customer reviews were added to websites worldwide.
  • 网站上新增了约700万个全球用户的评论。
  • Sales of products by third party sellers on our websites represented 30% of unit sales in 2009. Active seller accounts increased 24% to 1.9 million for the year. Globally, sellers using Fulfillment By Amazon stowed more than one million unique items in our fulfillment center network, thereby making these items available for Free Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime.
  • 2009年,第三方卖家在我们网站上销售的产品占全部销售额的30%。今年,活跃卖家账号提升了24%,达到190万个。在全球范围内,第三方卖家使用Amazon配送服务所存放的商品数量超过100万个,这些商品都可以使用Free Super Saver Shipping和Amazon Prime服务。
  • Amazon Web Services continued its rapid pace of innovation, launching many new services and features, including the Amazon Relational Database Service, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic MapReduce, High-Memory EC2 Instances, Reserved and Spot Instances, Streaming for Amazon CloudFront, and Versioning for Amazon S3. AWS also continued to expand its global footprint to include additional services in the EU, a new Northern California Region and plans for a presence in the Asia-Pacific Region in 2010. The continued innovation and track record for operational performance helped AWS add more customers in 2009 than ever before, including many large enterprise customers.
  • Amazon云端运算服务AWS持续保持着快速迭代的步调,推出了许多新服务和新功能,包括Amazon关系数据库服务 (Amazon Relational Database Service)、虚拟私有云 (Virtual Private Cloud)、Elastic MapReduce、High-Memory EC2 Instances、Reserved and Spot Instances、Streaming for Amazon CloudFront和Versioning for Amazon S3。AWS还在持续扩大其全球覆盖范围,包括欧盟、北加州地区,并计划于2010年在亚太地区开展业务。持续创新和良好运营绩效,帮助AWS在2009年获得比以往更多的大型企业客户。
  • The U.S. Kindle Store now has more than 460,000 books, an increase from 250,000 last year, and includes 103 of the 110 New York Times Bestsellers, more than 8,900 blogs, and 171 top U.S. and International newspapers and magazines. We have shipped Kindles to more than 120 countries, and we now provide content in six different languages.
  • 美国的Kindle商店现在有超过46万本书,去年增加了25万本,包括103本纽约时报畅销排行榜前110名的书、超过8900个部落格、171本美国与国际的顶级报纸和杂志。我们配送Kindle至全球超过120个国家,提供6种不同语言的内容。

Senior leaders that are new to Amazon are often surprised by how little time we spend discussing actual financial results or debating projected financial outputs. To be clear, we take these financial outputs seriously, but we believe that focusing our energy on the controllable inputs to our business is the most effective way to maximize financial outputs over time. Our annual goal setting process begins in the fall, and concludes early in the new year after we’ve completed our peak holiday quarter. Our goal setting sessions are lengthy, spirited, and detailoriented. We have a high bar for the experience our customers deserve and a sense of urgency to improve that experience.


We’ve been using this same annual process for many years. For 2010, we have 452 detailed goals with owners, deliverables, and targeted completion dates. These are not the only goals our teams set for themselves, but they are the ones we feel are most important to monitor. None of these goals are easy and many will not be achieved without invention. We review the status of each of these goals several times per year among our senior leadership team and add, remove, and modify goals as we proceed.


A review of our current goals reveals some interesting statistics:


  • 360 of the 452 goals will have a direct impact on customer experience.
  • 452个目标中,有360个目标将对客户体验产生直接影响。
  • The word revenue is used eight times and free cash flow is used only four times.
  • 「收入」一词使用了8次,而「自由现金流」仅使用了4次。
  • In the 452 goals, the terms net income, gross profit or margin, and operating profit are not used once.
  • 在452个目标中,以下这些词未曾使用过:净收入、毛利、毛利率和营业利润。

Taken as a whole, the set of goals is indicative of our fundamental approach. Start with customers, and work backwards. Listen to customers, but don’t just listen to customers – also invent on their behalf. We can’t assure you that we’ll meet all of this year’s goals. We haven’t in past years. However, we can assure you that we’ll continue to obsess over customers. We have strong conviction that that approach – in the long term – is every bit as good for owners as it is for customers.


As always, I attach a copy of our original 1997 letter. Our approach remains the same, and it’s still Day 1.

如同往常,我把我们在1997年写的致股东信附在文末。我们的价值观依然不变,今天依旧是Day 1。

Jeffrey P. Bezos

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Amazon.com, Inc.

April 2010






推出了包括Amazon关系数据库服务 (Amazon Relational Database Service)、虚拟私有云 (Virtual Private Cloud)、Elastic MapReduce、High-Memory EC2 Instances、Reserved and Spot Instances、Streaming for Amazon CloudFront和Versioning for Amazon S3。AWS还在持续扩大其全球覆盖范围,包括欧盟、北加州地区,并计划于2010年在亚太地区开展业务。

我还注意到了一个点,亚马逊并没有对财务的目标,只有对业务的目标。 因为专注于业务,才能达到财务目标。







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