Hi everyone It’s been a while since my last post but I’m back, I want to tell you a short story about my greatest find so far (My first P1)

大家好离我上一篇文章已经有一段时间了,但是我回来了,我想告诉你们一个关于我迄今为止最伟大的发现的短故事(我的第一个 P1)

It was in Google VRP program and why you can always check for dirs in 301 / 302 / 403 / 404 status pages because you will surprise that some times some directories listing will work:

它在 Google VRP 程序中,为什么你总是可以在301/302/403/404状态页面中检查 dirs,因为你会惊讶地发现有些目录列表会起作用:

[ U P D A T E ] 19 NOV 2019: I was invited to Google yearly security event called ESCAL8 as a speaker and my talk was about how I found this bug in more detail, here is a tweet extract about and the slides:

2019年11月19日: 我被邀请参加谷歌年度安全事件 ESCAL8,我的演讲是关于我如何发现这个漏洞的更多细节,以下是关于这个漏洞的推特摘录和幻灯片:

Thank you for having me as speaker on #ESCAL8 #bugSWAT #initg @GoogleVRP event, super dope event, super dope people @sirdarckcat Tomasz @wtm_offensi @WHHackersBR @LiveOverflow & all VRP Hunters, such a nice week Fast Recon GG slides https://omespino.com/fastrecon-ESCAL8-2019.pdf …

感谢你们邀请我在 # escal8 # bugswat # initg@GoogleVRP 活动、超级毒品活动、超级毒品人@sirdarckcat Tomasz@wtm offensi@WHHackersBR@LiveOverflow & all VRP Hunters 上发言,这样美好的一周 Fast reconcon 幻灯片的 https://twitter.com/omespino/status/1191224520646045696是如此的 https://omespino.com/fastrecon-escal8-2019.pdf ..



Title: Auth bypass in springboard.google.com
Product / URL: ​springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR

Report sent via google VRP program https://goo.gl/vulnz

标题: springboard.google.com 产品/URL 中的认证绕道: 通过谷歌 VRP 程序发送的 springboard.google.com/redacted_dir / https://goo.gl/vulnz 报告



Authorization bypass in https://springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR and see “OnContent Debug for” mini dashboard

Https://springboard.google.com/redacted_dir 中的授权旁路,请参阅“ OnContent Debug for”迷你仪表板



1.- Go to https://springboard.google.com/ and got redirected to https://cloudsearch.google.com/cloudsearch/error?et=6 and see the message

1.-去 https://springboard.google.com/ ,然后被重定向到 https://cloudsearch.google.com/cloudsearch/error?et=6,看看这条信息

2.- Then navigate to https://springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR and see a mini dashboard with the form:

2.-然后导航到 https://springboard.google.com/redacted_dir ,看到一个迷你仪表板,上面有以下格式:

3 days after that I got a message:

At first glance, this might not be severe enough to qualify for a reward, though the panel will take a look shortly.

3天后,我收到一条消息: 乍看之下,这可能不够严重,不足以获得奖励,尽管评审小组很快会进行调查。



Unfortunately, after a week, I got the reply that from google VRP Panel:

“As a part of our Vulnerability Reward Program, we decided that it does not meet the bar for a financial reward

不幸的是,一个星期后,我收到了来自谷歌 VRP 面板的回复: “作为我们脆弱性奖励计划的一部分,我们决定它不符合金钱奖励的标准。”



Since the bug probably won’t be elegible to get a financial reward, I started thinking to go deeper on that “Auth bypass”, I mean, for some reason is not suppoused to be open, so I decided to try again, then after some new dir enumeration with wfuzz, I got something really really interesting, I was able to escalate that simple Auth bypass bug to LFI on production servers as admin in google production servers.

Note: to any people that wonders how I have found the REDACTED_DIR, I used wfuzz to brute force a dir list in https://springboard.google.com/  and filter the non 302 redirect responses that gave me as result https://springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR  , since the 302 redirected me to http://cloudsearch.google.com  I did that brute force before the redirect

由于 bug 可能不会挽回获得金钱奖励,我开始思考更深入的“ Auth 绕道”,我的意思是,由于某些原因不支持是开放的,所以我决定再试一次,然后在一些新的目录枚举与 wfuzz,我得到了真正有趣的东西,我能够升级简单的 Auth 绕道 bug 到 LFI 在生产服务器上的管理员在谷歌生产服务器。注意: 对于那些想知道我是如何找到 REDACTED dir 的人,我使用 wfuzz 在 https://springboard.google.com/文档中强制一个目录列表,并过滤非302重定向响应,这些响应给出了我的 https://springboard.google.com/redacted_dir ,因为302重定向我到 http://cloudsearch.google.com 文档,我在重定向之前强制执行了这个目录列表

Title: LFI on production servers in the same subdomain
Product / URL: ​springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR/ANOTHER_DIR

标题: 同一子域中生产服务器上的 LFI 产品/URL: springboard.google.com/redacted_dir/another_dir



I’ve able to escalate this auth bypass to LFI on google production servers as “gxx-xxxx” user (admin privileges)!

我已经能够升级这个鉴定绕过对 LFI 在谷歌生产服务器上作为“ gxx-xxxx”用户(管理员权限) !



1.- First see that the dashboard panel of “Redacted status main” (FrameworkInfo) is open in https://springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR/ANOTHER_DIR

1.-首先看到仪表板面板的“ Redacted status main”(FrameworkInfo)在 https://springboard.google.com/redacted_dir/another_dir 打开

2.- Then if you navigate to “Show REDACTED” (The last option) you are going to be redirected to https://springboard.google.com/REDACTED_DIR/ANOTHER_DIR?file=/proc/self/environ and the /proc/self/environ will be loaded

图2。- 然后,如果你导航到“显示 REDACTED”(最后一个选项) ,你将被重定向到 https://springboard.google.com/redacted_dir/another_dir?file=/proc/self/environ ,/proc/self/environ 将被加载

3.- Just to be sure that was a full LFI working I tried to load another file and I checked with /proc/version and works just as expected!

图3。- 只是为了确保是一个完整的 LFI 工作,我试图加载另一个文件,我检查了/proc/version 和工作正如预期!

Then my heart stopped for a second, I just got a LFI on google production servers as administrator (servers on plural because each time that I refreshed /proc/self/environ file the hostname changed)

然后我的心脏停止了一秒钟,我刚刚在 google 生产服务器上获得了一个 LFI 作为管理员(服务器是复数形式的,因为每次刷新/proc/self/environ 文件时主机名都会更改)

To be honest I tried to escalate to RCE but I hadn’t any success, since apparently it was very hardened I wasn’t able to read /proc/*/fd, ssh keys, server keys or any logs.

说实话,我曾经尝试升级到 RCE,但是没有成功,因为很明显它非常坚固,我无法读取/proc/*/fd、 ssh 密钥、服务器密钥或任何日志。



Any browser (I used Google Chrome Lastest version)
No authentication or any Google account was needed

任何浏览器(我使用的是谷歌 Chrome 最新版本)不需要认证或任何谷歌帐户

Rank 62th in Google HOF (May 2019)


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特殊媒体提及: Intigriti (Bugbounty 平台)2019年5月28日 Intigriti Bug 字节 # 20 write up of the week (另一个 Google LFI)

Hackerone (Bugbounty platform) May 29, 2019
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Report Timeline

Mar 22, 2019: Sent the report to Google VRP (Just the bypass auth part)
Mar 22, 2019: Got a message from google that the bug was triaged
Mar 25, 2019: Bug Accepted
Mar 25, 2019: Reply about that the bug was in revision in Googgle VRP panel
Mar 30, 2019: I found the LFI and sent the new POC in the same report
Apr 1, 2019: Got a message saying that they going to fill a another bug with this LFI information
Apr 4, 2019: Got a message saying that the first bug wasn’t elegible for financial reward
Apr 17 ,2019: Since the everything was happening in the same report and the bugs were fixed, I asked to the team if the 2 bugs wasn’t elegibles or what happened
Apr 23, 2019: Got a message saying that sorry about the confusion and I just had to wait to a new reward decision for the LFI part.
May 21 2019: $13,337 bounty and permission to publish this write up received

报告时间轴2019年3月22日: 发送报告给谷歌 VRP (只是旁路授权部分)2019年3月22日: 从谷歌收到消息,该漏洞已被分类2019年3月25日:2019年4月1日: 收到一条消息说他们将用这个 LFI 信息填补另一个漏洞2019年4月4日: 收到一条消息说第一个漏洞无法挽回经济回报,2019年4月23日: 因为所有的事情都发生在同一份报告中,而且 bug 也被修复了,我问团队这两个 bug 是否不是挽歌或者发生了什么: 我收到了一条消息,对于这种混乱表示抱歉,我只能等待 LFI 部分的新奖励决定。2019年5月21日: 13,337美元奖金和发表这篇文章的许可收到

well that’s it, share your thoughts, what do you think about how they handle that security issue? if you have any doubt, comments or sugestions just drop me a line here or in Twitter @omespino, read you later.

就这样,分享你的想法,你觉得他们是怎么处理安全问题的?如果你有任何疑问,评论或建议,只要在这里或 Twitter@omespino 给我留言,稍后再读你。


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