1.How I Found The Facebook Messenger Leaking Access Token Of Million Users


1.The Pen Testing Tools We’re Thankful for in 2020

2.Hacking SSO: SAML Signature Misconfigurations

3.What it takes to find bugs in bounties!

4.A Drop of Jupyter: A Modular Approach to Penetration Testing

5.Using Burp to Test for Open Redirections



2.Open Redirect Protection Bypass

3.#BugBounty @ Linkedln-How I was able to bypass Open Redirection Protection

4.Story of bypassing Referer Header to make open redirect

5.Bug Bytes #19 – The Real Impact of Open Redirect, Advanced CORS Exploitation Techniques & Common API Pitfalls

6.From Sub domain Takeover to Open-Redirect

7.Account takeover through password reset

8.iOS Facebook Messenger Leaking Users Access Token POC 2020


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