1.Hacking with GPT-3

2.硅谷来信3 ——第000-010封信笔记

漏洞挖掘学习 的侦查工具 aws-recon

2.PHP 源码 XSS Looking for XSS in PHP Source Code

3.Burp Collaborator

4.Bug-Hunting TIPS

5.NAT Slipstreaming, Widespread Injection in GitHub Actions, Greppable Secrets

6. N1QL exploitation tool.

7.Gophish: An Open-Source Phishing Framework

8.Let’s write a PDF file

9.Hetty – An HTTP Toolkit For Security Research

10.Zoom – turning on someone’s camera using SQL injection vulnerability

11.Awesome One-liner Bug Bounty

12.CSRF Protection in Flask

13.XSS: Arithmetic Operators & Optional Chaining To Bypass Filters & Sanitization

14.XSS and RCE


1.AntiviruXSS White Paper


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